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Ever had one of those days where you just needed something chocolate-y and delicious, but didn’t have the time, patience, energy, etc. to actually bake something?  I had one of those days this week.  And having experienced great disappointment in the past trying to make those ‘microwave-able’ chocolate mug cakes which without fail turn out gooey and chewy and crunchy all at once, and leave me feeling quite let down, I wasn’t about to go down that rabbit hole.  So instead I decided to turn to an old standby, no bake cookies.

If you’ve never had a no bake cookie before, drop everything and go make some.  Ok, well maybe not this instant, but really, you should try it.  They’re the only kind of cookie that I will willingly make on a weeknight!

They take no time whatsoever to throw together, and chances are that you already have the needed ingredients in your kitchen.  I saw a recipe for Nutella no bake cookies on the Novice Chef blog a few weeks ago, and realized that she was a genius, because replacing the peanut butter usually in no bake cookies with Nutella would result in the extra special double chocolate flavor that I was looking for.  So I decided to adapt the recipe that I’ve used for ages to work with Nutella.  Largely because I didn’t have marshmallows (in which case I would have used her recipe), and going to the store would have negated the laziness of this recipe.  But also because I really like the consistency of my old recipe.  Just chocolatier.  They’re a bit dense, which makes them filling so I only eat one or two, and fudgy.  Plus, oatmeal is healthy, right?

The ingredients list: quick cooking oats (I only buy them for baking these, but it’s worth it… if you use old-fashioned oats cook them with the milk, butter, etc. in step one), cocoa powder, milk, butter, almond extract (or vanilla extract), cinnamon, salt, some chocolate chips, and, of course, Nutella.  If you just want normal no bake cookies use peanut butter.  But they won’t be triple chocolate no bake cookies anymore.

To make things really easy later, have the oats, Nutella, and chocolate chips already measured out in a bowl.  That way you can mix them in quickly.  Add the salt and a dash of cinnamon to the bowl too (I dropped the Nutella right on top of the salt and cinnamon).  Do the same with the almond extract… just make sure to measure it correctly (I accidentally doubled it).

Now you will need to bring the sugar, milk, butter, and cocoa powder to a boil.  Make sure that they boil, bubbles, foam and all, for at least one minute.  Otherwise they’ll never set up and you’ll have to eat them with a spoon.  Although if that’s your thing go for it.  Make sure to stir frequently so that it doesn’t scorch/burn.

When the mixture is done boiling, remove the pot from the heat and stir in the Nutella, cinnamon, chocolate chips, almond extract and salt.  Don’t leave out the salt!  And be careful, do NOT use a full teaspoon of almond extract, which is what I did because I was distracted.  They were still good, but the extract kind of overpowered the Nutella, which was really sad.  Stir it up until well combined.

Then drop the mixture in spoonfuls onto wax paper.  Let it sit out until it’s cool.  Or eat it while it’s hot.  Both are viable options.  Quickest cookies ever.  Enjoy!

This pic came out really wonky color-wise... that is why I made it so small

Triple Chocolate No Bake Nutella Cookies
Inspired by The Novice Chef, Nutella No-Bake Fudge Cookies

1/2 cup milk (I use skim)
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 cups white sugar
3 cups quick-cooking oats
1/2 cup Nutella
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4-1/2 teaspoon almond extract (strong flavor, so base on your preference)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
dash of ground cinnamon

1.  Measure out the oats, Nutella, chocolate chips, sea salt, and cinnamon into a bowl and set aside.  Do the same with the almond extract in a separate dish or shot glass. (Must be added quickly and at once, this makes it really easy.)

2.  In pot over medium heat, bring the milk, butter, cocoa powder, and sugar to a boil.  Stir frequently to mix ingredients and prevent the mixture from scorching.  When the mixture is bubbling, let it boil for at least a full minute, stirring frequently.  They won’t set up if you skip this step.

3.  After one minute, remove from heat and quickly stir in the ingredients measured out in step 1.

4.  Drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto wax paper to cool.  Let cool for at least one hour.  Store in air-tight containers.  Enjoy!

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